Steps of Buying A Dress Shirt Online

shirt buttonBuying a dress shirt online is very convenient because it is easy, fast and reliable. However, this is not simple to achieve as one may think. For you to acquire a quality dress shirt online, you need to consider a number of factors. That is because there are thousands of stores online that offer the same product, but only a few have a high standard quality dress shirts.

Factors To Consider When Buying Dress Shirts Online.

Buying custom dress shirts online is not easy because you are not able to touch or nevertheless try on the shirt that you want to see whether it fits or not. Because of that reason, you have no other but to rely on the details provided for you about the product. That means it is important that you acknowledge the basics of buying a good shirt, in order to be able to conclude on the one that is best for you.

Dress shirts are available in a variety of colors that means you need to choose a color for your dress shirt. The color you choose depends on the occasion that you will be attending. For example, formal dress shirt can be white or blue in color. Moreover if you want a casual dress shirt that is stylish and more attractive, then you can choose shirts that have conventional color such as green or orange.

Apart from the color of the dress shirt, you also need to consider the patterns as well. If you like wearing dress shirts with a tie, then it is advisable that you choose solid or plain shirts. However, if you consider wearing dress shirts without a tie then you can settle for patterned shirts. Furthermore, make sure that the pattern you choose for your dress shirt matches with the rest of your outwear.

Dress shirts are also designed in different styles. You can choose to buy a full shirt with a medium or standard collar depending with your taste of style. Dress shirts also have different collars. Some have down button collars, while others are attached together using collar staying accessories. Dress shirts can also be tailor or standard, both styles are different and have different looks.

Another factor that you need to consider is the fabric of your dress shirt before purchasing. Most dress shirts are made of linen because they breathe well and easy to clean at the same time. They are also perfect to wear during summer because of their light weight. However, you can be able to find dress shirts that are made of other fabrics as well such as cotton.


After selecting the style you want you need to figure out your size so that you can order a dress shirt that fits perfectly. Be keen on reading the measurements of the dress shirt you want before making any purchase. Furthermore, make sure that you are buying your dress shirt from a legitimate online store before making any purchase or providing any credentials.

Why Custom Tailored Shirts Are Worth It

custom tailored dress shirtMany men struggle to find a suit shirt that has just the right fit. Tight cuffs, too much bulk in the body, overlong sleeves, and many more issues can mar an otherwise fitting shirt. A shirt that does not fit quite right feels awkward to wear, and makes the wearer appear less professional.

Luckily, there is an answer for the chronically ill fitted man. Custom tailored shirts are an option that many people do not realize is an option, or else imagine that it is far outside of their price range. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a lot of value in picking up a shirt made just for you.

While a premade suit shirt usually runs somewhere between $50 and $150, custom tailored shirts can be as low as $100-$200. For that small bump in price, not only can you be assured that the shirt is perfectly fitted to your torso, but you can also choose the style, material, and other features.

So, is a custom shirt worth it? It can be hard to convince yourself to go the extra mile and drop an extra $50 on a shirt, but the benefits you gain are amazing. If you have ever had a shirt that does not fit quite right, you understand exactly what a benefit the fit of custom tailored shirts really is.

Wearing a shirt not made for you is awkward, and lowers your confidence. If your shirt is too bulky or restricts movement, you will feel like you are dressed up in a silly costume, and people will be able to tell you are out of place. Wearing a well fitted shirt means that your clothes and your body are in tandem, and the peace of mind from that feeling is easy to underestimate.

One thing that worries men who are going to have a shirt made for the first time is the sheer number of options available. Most people have no idea if they want a barrel or French cuff, or whether the collar should be button down, spread, or English. Suit shirts can be complicated, and the idea of having to make all those choices can be intimidating.

Luckily, the reality of getting a shirt tailored is not nearly so complicated as it sounds. A good tailor knows how to guide an uneducated client through the process, helping them to understand the choices and making suggestions based on the kind of shirt and the client’s physique.

The job of a tailor is to know what will look good on a person, and help them to combine that knowledge with the client’s own preferences and budget. Going to a tailor does not have to be intimidating at all, because they will do all the work of designing the perfect shirt for you.

Another option, rather than having a whole new shirt made, is having an existing shirt that does not fit quite right tailored. This can be a very affordable option, and can cost as little as $10-$30 depending on the alterations. Having an existing shirt tweaked will give you that same perfect fit, but will lack the ability for the tailor to design a shirt from the ground up to suit your body.

Having custom dress shirts is an option that most men underestimate when shopping for the perfect shirt. It is nowhere near as expensive than most people think, and the advantages of having a shirt made just for you are numerous. Next time you need new clothing, consider custom tailoring as an alternative to pre made clothing.