Why Italian Restaurants Are A Mecca For First Dates

Italian restaurant food

Italian restaurant food

First dates are truly the hardest! You may want to ensure your relationship progresses to a second date, but how can you pull that off without looking fussy? Most first dates take place in coffee shops or even in club settings, but those that want something a bit classier will opt for Italian restaurants. Strangely enough, you can learn a great deal about your date just by the way she eats, what types of foods she orders, and how much she really knows about Italian cuisine.

What makes Italian cuisine so desirable? What is it about these restaurants that make them the perfect place for a first date?

Firstly, a restaurant that serves Italian food is a great place to get some privacy with your date. You don’t have to worry about people crowding you or loud music playing. It’s a setting where even the most anxious people can relax for an hour or two. In a way, it’s a classic place that can take some of the edge off of a first date.

Places like the Cibo Miami Italian restaurants are classy and luxurious locations without breaking the bank. They say a lot about your intentions, even on your first date. If you’re looking to kindle a serious relationship, there’s no reason to take your date to a bar or a strip club. You will want to show a serious side of yourself, and by opting for a high quality establishment, you’re essentially proving your worth.

There’s something about Italy that’s romantic, and most restaurants serving Italian food will want to create that atmosphere. You have the opportunity to hold hands with your date and whisper compliments, all without it seeming strangely out of place. With white tablecloths, fancy candles, and some of the best wine around, who wouldn’t want their first date to be in a restaurant?

You can observe your date up close without appearing to be nosy or pushy. It’s easy to see what you have in common with your date by paying attention to what she orders, how she eats her food, and her table manners of course! In fact, these things can all become deal breakers later on in your relationship, so it’s best to assess them on the first date.

Italian restaurants are special with just the right amount of European flair for your date. Every crack in the wall or pieces of tacky decor just add to the overall experience of enjoying a night out with your date. So, when you’re opting for a place that slathers on the charm, perhaps a restaurant with Italian flair is simply the perfect match!

When all else fails, and even if your date turns into a nightmare, you can still take into consideration that you had some of the best Italian food around. Good food can make anyone seem agreeable and even if you’ll never get together again, you got a chance to dine in fine style and have something to brag about!